Family Involvement To Student Achievement

While holding a newborn infant in their arms, nearly every parent reflects on the possibilities for that child’s future. They hope that their child will have joy and peace throughout their life and that ultimately, they will be successful. Success can be defined in many different ways. While some standards would imply that success is only truly measurable regarding awards, recognition, riches and fame, the truest forms of success may not be measurable at all.

By helping your child to learn and grow during their formative years, you can help them to begin on the right track for their entire life. One of the most important components of a fulfilling life is education. Not only does education expand the mind and allow people to understand things outside of their experience, but it also helps them learn self-discipline, confidence, and hard work.

Family involvement

rtgyrtervgtTo help your child do his or her best in school, one of the best things that you can do is stay involved in their education. Volunteer to go on field trips and to help with school activities. When they come home from school, ask them how their day was and what they learned. Help them with homework and projects. If they can do their work independently, ask them to show their projects to you By showing your children that you care about what they do in school, you are not only helping them know that you care about their wellbeing, but you also instill in them the idea that education is important.

Give gifts to student

One of the best ways to offer encouragement to children who are struggling in school is to reward them for small achievements. Teach them about goal setting and help them make their goals. The rewards don’t always have to be expensive or even very creative. Praise them for their successes. You may be surprised what a difference it makes when you let your kids know you are proud of them and that you support them.45hyrberfgt

Extracurricular activities

Another factor in helping a child to succeed is to encourage them to develop other talents and take part in extracurricular activities. There is a growing body of research that supports the idea that children and teenagers who participate in sports, music or activities after school is much more likely to graduate high school, go on to college, and become a responsible and contributing citizen in the future.


The Role Of Technology In Education

Today’s generation does not understand a life without technology. Technology is an integral part of their lives that has been there most of their life, and they take it like ducks take to the water. For this reason, there has been a lot of debate concerning how much technology should be incorporated into education. Most people believe technology would better education, but there are some who believe it would make students lazy and over-reliant on technology. While it might seem like technology would take over students’ ability to be creative and remember things on their own, technology plays a very important role in education.

How technology plays a role in education

1. Motivation

3r4t56ytgOne important role of technology in education is the fact that it can be used to motivate students. Most students are addicted to technical gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops. This is one of the reasons why most people are against incorporating technology in education. They believe it would prevent students from paying attention in class. However, these gadgets are very useful in motivating students to learn. There are different educational video games and apps that can be used to improve learning. These motivate students to learn because they can do it while operating their favorite gadgets. If incorporated in all classes, lessons would be more entertaining, and students will be more likely to remember the different concepts taught.

2. Teacher student connection

Technology is also important because it creates a connection between students and teachers. When a teacher is not able to make it to class, technology makes it possible for them to teach without actually having to be in the classroom. Apart from this, they are also able to give and receive assignments without having to get to class.

3. Updated content

Through technology, students can have access to the most recent updated digital books. These books contain all the recent updated information, and they are more affordable compared to old textbooks. This improves the quality of education because everything they learn is up to date. Apart from this, they can access the books faster compared to hard copy materials.ertytytg

4. Collaboration

Since technology is something all students of today’s generation have in common, they can collaborate and interact with each other on group projects because they are more fun. This improves the learning environment by making it happier and more enjoyable. It also makes it possible for every student to feel involved.